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Fly Direct From Singapore to Jeju on Scoot

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

First trip out since forever! Scoot now offers direct flights to Jeju so you can enjoy open-jaw flights to South Korea - which was what we did in our recent trip.

Scoot just announced the new direct flight to Jeju (with cheaper prices too!). Previously, we weren't able to actually book the multi-city flights and had to book two separate one-way flights but last I checked, this option is now available for you!

What that means is that you can now book an open-jaw ticket from SG > Incheon and fly back from Jeju > SG after your Jeju leg. What's great about this? You save a one-way flight from Jeju back to Seoul or vice-versa depending on how you plan your journey.

Plus, it’s much shorter too!

Benefits of Open-Jaw Flights to South Korea

We've done up this simple table to show the benefits of open jaw flights to South Korea assuming that you are visiting both Seoul and Jeju in one trip.

Round Trip

​Open Jaw

​Total Number of Flights



Total Flight Time

​SIN > ICN (6 h 15 mins)

GMP > CJU (1 h 15 mins)

CJU > GMP (1 h 10 mins)

ICN > SIN (6 h 15 mins)

​SIN > ICN (6 h 15 mins)

GMP > CJU (1 h 15 mins)

CJU > SIN (5 h 50 mins)

​Transit Time between Incheon and Gimpo Airport

35 mins x 2 trips

​35 mins


International Flight Round Trip on Scoot, $501.66

Domestic Flight, about $200

​International Flight Multi-City on Scoot, $431.61

One-way Domestic Flight, about $100

Total Time Savings

2 hours

Total $ Savings


*These costs are estimates and are taken from searches on Scoot for 1 pax, travelling in September 2022.

You get to save one-way transit time travelling from Incheon to Gimpo airport and plus the flight back to Incheon itself!



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