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How to get from Incheon International Airport to Gimpo Domestic Airport?

View from AREX from Incheon to Gimpo Airport, South Korea

To maximise time, we do suggest that you book your flights out of Seoul on the same day that you arrive. This minimises time loss from travelling from Incheon Airport to Seoul and back again to the Gimpo Airport.

As a guide, book flights at least three hours AFTER your arrival time. Depending on your time of arrival, the immigration process would take at least 30 minutes. You may take slightly longer if you have to collect your check-in luggage. Thereafter, travelling from Incheon to Gimpo would take about 50 minutes (including walking, purchasing tickets, getting lost, etc). For domestic travels, unlike international travels, you only need to check into the domestic travel area 40 minutes before the flight, and board about 20 minutes before the flight. That would give you about an hour or so for any other delays.

We did just that and booked our flight to Jeju from Gimpo Airport, 3 hours after arriving in Incheon Airport. Do note that some people may not be too comfortable with this and you could possibly add more hours to your connecting flight. We overheard a couple booking a flight 6 hours after arriving and were wondering what they can possibly do at the airport. (Gimpo Airport is really small too, so there wasn't that much shops in the transit area. We even had trouble finding food as there were no restaurants after we passed through the security checks and had to resort to food from 7-11.)

There are basically three ways to get from Incheon International Airport to Gimpo Domestic Airport:

AREX Airport Railroad

Do note that there are two types of AREX trains - express trains and the all-stop trains. To get to Gimpo, you will need to take the ALL-STOP TRAIN. This is extremely important. Taking the wrong train would be disastrous as the express train does not stop at Gimpo Airport. The ride is about 35 minutes and costs 3,650 won.

Inter-airport Bus Services

If you're afraid to make mistakes with the train, you can opt to take the inter-airport bus. Head to the 1st floor arrival area and take bus 6105, 6008, 6101, 6001 or the KAL Limousine. It costs 7,500 won.


Taxi is another option to get to Gimpo. Head to the taxi stand and hail a cab to Gimpo International Airport.

We hope this post is useful for your next trip to South Korea!

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