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Hairstyles from Around the World with Yoon Salon

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Are you pining for a holiday, eager to discover and explore the world outside Singapore? I am! I miss getting on an aeroplane and going to the nearby cities over the long weekend or flying further away for a long holiday, enjoying the cool air that we can never get in Singapore!

While leisure travel is still not permitted for residents in Singapore, perhaps if we long for a change and a way to relax and rejuvenate, we can consider going for a refreshing hair makeover or a pampering salon session! If we can’t head overseas, let’s bring styles for our manes inspired from all around the world!

South Korea

Anyone who’s a K-pop fan would soon be familiar with how South Korea dominates when it comes to skincare, makeup innovation, and definitely hairstyles. Some of you who travel frequently to South Korea would also stop by a Korean salon in Seoul to get a cut inspired by popular celebrities. Noticed anything in common? Trendy Korean tresses often involve digital perms with layered cuts that help to frame the face and neck. Korean Perms, be it a C curl, S curl, or a wave perm, tend to give your mane more volume with defined curls that delivers a sophisticated appearance while looking “effortlessly chic”. Even for men, perms are increasingly popular and will transform you from looking like a boy next door into a stylish oppa (older brother). And effortless is key when looking for a good salon perm as you won’t want to spend hours on your curls every morning before you head out of your home!


Another frequently visited travel destination by Singaporeans is Japan. Famed for its delicious food and interesting sights, Japan is also a trendsetter in bringing to the world the coolest coiffure. Similar to Korea, Japan loves its perms as well! But unlike Korean perms, Japanese perms are used to create textures in one’s tresses and are less defined. These are great for those who want to try a new permed look while ensuring that their tresses fall on their faces with a natural curl. Another popular trend in Japan is the use of dyes, in particular, the Japanese are increasingly showing love for ash grey tresses. Social media trends have shown a spike in the number of searches for this edgy colour in recent years.

People who dye their tresses often will know that it is SO important to go to your trusted salon if you want the colour to turn out like what you’ve imagined it to be. Since you don’t want to screw them up with a D-I-Y dye kit, it is important to speak to a professional as they can advise you on the differences in dyes and how the colours may differ under Singapore’s hot sun and when you are indoors.


Styles in India, no matter its length or layers, tend to focus on maintaining a healthy shine! To get that India-inspired look, hair and scalp treatments to help deep-cleanse and nourish your tresses is important. Have you ever encountered heading into a salon asking for a simple treatment only to be inundated by the plethora of treatments and add-ons? Well, good and professional stylists should examine your manes and recommend you the best for your tresses. Rather than giving you many choices with various price tags, your hairdresser should know the most suitable one for you! Plus, it takes an expert eye to recognise what your locks need, especially when unhealthy or poorly-managed tresses are suffering from more than one issue. Whether it’s a treatment to tackle frizz or cuticle damage, or a gloss treatment to give your tresses a healthy shine, or even a treatment to improve the elasticity and strength of your locks, they will know it best!


What comes to your mind when you think of Germany? Fine lines and sleek styles of German cars and engineering? It seems these are translated into popular German-inspired hairstyles as well! Blunt cuts seemed to have returned to the trends. Many may think that blunt cuts are the easiest to ask for at the salons, but think twice and even thrice, because blunt cuts’ precise style will require a skilled stylist to bring your tresses to the next level. Beneath the professional and sleek looking blunt cuts is a world of baby-fine layers that help ensure that it frames your face well and keep your hair from looking completely flat (eeks!).


If you’ve been to France, you can quickly tell how much effort its citizens put into dressing up every day. A true Parisian Chic always looks almost flawless from head to toe; as though they have just stepped out of the salon. French-inspired styles favour their coiffures looking neat, either at a length to graze the shoulders or a flowy style which looks impeccably put together with a bun, or neat plaits. When the Parisians do dye their manes, they do so stylishly.

Balayage, is a French creative highlighting technique that helps you achieve soft, natural locks with a bespoke finish. What gives it that natural look is how the colourist paints the dye onto your locks in a more loose fashion. To get that France-inspired look, highlights, ombré, or any creative hair dyes, you’ll need to consult a professional stylist to style your tresses and provide you with tips and tricks to recreate that same chic look every day before you head out of your home!

Yoon Salon: Book a $28 First Trial!

Inspired by these hairstyles from around the world and eager to refresh your style? Book your first trial for just $28 online and get professional advice on how you can get healthier, beautiful-looking tresses as you head out after Singapore’s circuit-breaker. This online offer is for any one of the full spectrum of services provided by YOON. Since half your face’s already covered with the masks, your hair will definitely help you stand out in the crowd!



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