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Hong Kong Ocean Park Guide and Travel Tips

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Did you know there is now a MTR station right outside Hong Kong Ocean Park? Ocean Park is not just your regular theme park, it is also an oceanarium, a marine park, and an animal theme park! Ocean Park is one of the two largest theme parks in Hong Kong - the other being Disneyland - and is home to two giant pandas, Le Le and Ying Ying!

The park has two segments, separated by a mountain and there's just so much to do and see (without the overly-commercialised disney characters). Better still, there is now a promotion for you to get 1-for-1 tickets ($81.20 SGD for two tickets)! These tickets are open-dated, which means that you can visit it anytime between now till 30 June 2018 (best for those visiting Hong Kong during the June School Holidays!)

Pro tip: Even if you do not enjoy theme parks, every Friday and Saturday from 13 April to 29 June, enjoy FREE ENTRY (yes, you've read it correctly, FREE!) into Ocean Park between 6.30pm to 11pm. Although you aren't able to take the rides, you can enjoy the Symboi! water show or hang out at the restaurants. Read more about it on the Ocean Park Website.

Now that we've got the tickets settled,

How to get to Ocean Park?

Ocean Park Hong Kong

MTR ($11.90 HKD ~ $2 SGD one-way)

Getting to Ocean Park is now much easier than before. The easiest way is for you to take an MTR (South Island Line) to Ocean Park Station. (It only takes about 30 minutes to get to Ocean Park from Tsim Sha Tsui, with a transfer at Admiralty Station) The entrance to Ocean Park is just a short walk away from the station.

Should you require an Octopus card to take the MTR, you can get it here to skip the queues at the MTR stations, and it comes preloaded with HK$50 credits.

Private transfers ($67.70 SGD two-way)

If you are travelling in a big group of six, or are travelling with children and do not wish to spend time and hassle on transfers, you may want to book a private transfer. It costs $67.70 SGD to get to Ocean Park and takes roughly 22 minutes from Tsim Sha Tsui.

What to wear at Ocean Park?

Since Hong Kong enjoys the four seasons, you will need to dress according to the weather. It will be slightly chilly from November to March, so do bring along a jacket (especially a windproof one as it may get quite cold and windy during the typhoon seasons). Otherwise, wear comfortable t-shirts and jeans or even shorts for the 30 degree celsius from June to August!

Comfortable shoes are necessary too as there will be quite a bit of walking from one ride to another!

What else to bring to Ocean Park?

Like all theme parks, bring along a bottle of water. Water still triumphs all other beverages to quench your thirst! Unfortunately, food and beverages are not allowed in the park but a chocolate bar or two won't hurt. You don't really have to worry about food as there are many restaurants and snack stalls that you can head to to settle your meals!

Do also bring along a poncho as there are water rides that you absolutely cannot miss! At the same time, being drenched or soaked is not a fun way to enjoy the theme park!

Now that you are equipped...

What to do at Ocean Park?

Ocean Park is divided into two sections: Oceanfront and the Summit.

Pro tip: To maximise your time at the Ocean Park, and ensure that you have the shortest queue timings, head to Ocean Park during the park opening timing (10am) and go straight to the Summit! There are two ways to get up to The Summit, the first being the Cable Car and the other is the Ocean Express. Our suggestion is for you to take the fastest way up, which is via the Ocean Express and you can leave the Cable Car ride on your way back to the Oceanfront.

The Summit is the area where most of the exciting rides and the marine park can be found. There are many rides in Ocean Park and it's no fun reading all about it before you head there. Here, we will just cover some of the more thrilling rides that you absolutely cannot miss!

Thrilling Rides

The Flash

Upon reaching the Summit via the Ocean Express, you can try out The Flash - a ride that would whisk you up in the air and spins you around and around. During the colder months, this ride will send shivers to your spine as the cold breeze hits you at the top speed of 60km/h.

Hair Raiser

Then, up your game with the hair raiser rollercoaster, one that brings you up above the South China Sea before plunging you down swiftly and in loops. Because the roller coaster is up on a hill, the height of the mountain is REAL...

The Rapids

This isn't exactly an extremely thrilling ride, but it is fun water ride nonetheless! Water rides are one of the best in theme parks because you can only get to ride on one in an actual theme park, and not on any carnivals, et cetera.

The Abyss

This is the ultimate 20 storeys drop. Again, because this ride is situated on top of a hill, the plunge feels a lot more than just 20 storeys. I've sat this once, and have never ever tried to take it again... Ride it at your own risk!

Raging Rivers

This is another water ride that has a really steep slope that pulls you down like how a roller coaster would. It didn't really feel like an exciting ride at first, but it will definitely surprise you at that drop! Worse, there weren't any seat belts! =/

Mine Train

The Mine Train is the first VR coaster in Hong Kong and it is a tantalising experience to all your senses! This is one of the star attractions so you may want to prioritise it before the rest to shorten your waiting time!

Ocean Park Tower

This last one isn't a thrill ride but it is the tower that you cannot miss. Here, you will be transported up to get a brilliant bird's eye view of the entire Ocean Park. This is the area where most of the aerial shots of Ocean Park are taken.

South Pole Spectacular

The large oceanarium would be an interesting and educational attraction for both the young and the old. Get up close and personal with the marine animals right here! Watch out for the cute penguins and the naughty walrus that will splash water at you!

Panda enclosure!

Pandas! Look at them up close, we would say that these pandas at Ocean Park are more active than our Kai Kai and Jia Jia!

After you've completed all the attractions at the Summit, head back down via the Cable Car to the Oceanfront. Most of the rides here are children-friendly rides, so if you are bringing your child, this is the area where you'll want to be at! Other than that, head to the Oceanarium!


For the same price, you also get to visit an oceanarium! Big beautiful tanks filled with fishes and sea creatures are an amazing scene. Stroll around after going through the intense ride to relax and rejuvenate here!

What to eat at Ocean Park?

Should you prefer a sit-down meal, there are multiple restaurants in Ocean Park. But because there are just so much to do, I'll usually want to maximise my time and just grab a snack from one of the food kiosks. Well, to be very sure, there's also a Macdonalds at the Summit (Marine World) that you can just buy a burger to-go.

So there you go, we hope that this guide is helpful when planning for your next adventure to Ocean Park Hong Kong. Don't forget to grab your 1-for-1 tickets here (valid till 30 June 2018).

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