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London Duck (Gold Mine vs Four Seasons)

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

gold mine restaurant in london

When one talks about London Duck, there are two camps of supporters: Gold Mine Restaurant vs Four Seasons Restaurant. Which one do you prefer?

four seasons in london

Essentially, both restaurants serve similar food items. They are Asian Chinese "tze char" stores that also serves dim sum. Some people may think that it is crazy to travel all the way to London to have duck. But we must say, it is the BEST DUCK that we've had. Even compared to the ones in Singapore! Both Four Seasons and Gold Mine are direct competitors and even have locations that are a few stores away from one another at Bayswater!

After being so far from home, these London Ducks definitely do offer a taste of home! We tried both and still can't really decide which is the winner at one glance, but after going back to have the duck for several times we chose...

duck in london

Both ducks were really good but we would say that we very much prefer Gold Mine!

Gold Mine's standard is more consistent the several times we've been there while Four Seasons' standards seem to be dipping. They opened a restaurant in Bangkok and Singapore, but the last we've checked the Singapore outlet has already closed down. Perhaps also because Singapore has a strong competitor (Dian Xiao Er) that serves duck in a similar way!

The fatty duck that is drenched with the sweet black sauce is succulent and oh-so-juicy. Do order a bowl of rice so that you can drench your rice with the sauce! A half duck portion is more than sufficient for two. If you prefer the crispy duck, there is also that option in the menu!

The Battle between Four Seasons and Gold Mine, which is your preferred choice? (or do you prefer Duck and Waffle?)



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