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Olens Spanish Real: Coloured Contact Lens

Olens Spanish Real Collection

Looking for coloured contact lens yet don't want to go over the top? Or do you want an accessible and affordable coloured contact lens? Then the OLens Spanish Real collection will be your answer!

After trying the full Olens Scandi and O2 clear contact lens range, I'm so excited to share my experience with Olens Spanish today!

OLens Spanish: Real Natural-looking Coloured Contact Lens

Although Olens Spanish isn't a new range of contact lens on OLens Global, but it is one of their more popular series of coloured contact lens. It features a natural-looking tint that complements dark-coloured eyes.

I have naturally black and brown eyes and after wearing Olens Spanish, I've received many compliments on how it looks really natural and people asking if I was even wearing contact lens in the first place. So if you are looking for natural-looking coloured contacts for dark eyes, the Spanish Collection is one that is definitely for you!

OLens Spanish: Chic and Stylish Coloured Contact Lens

Olens Spanish Real Collection Colour Contact Lens

Besides how natural it looks, the different colours in the Spanish Real collection also makes one look chic and stylish without much effort.

"The eyes are the windows to your soul." - William Shakespeare

Indeed, so the best way to draw someone in is through one's eyes and after wearing coloured contacts consistently for close to half a year now, I can see how it really brightens my eyes!

OLens Spanish Real Collection Colours

Olens Spanish Real Collection Colour Contact Lens

The Spanish Real Collection comes in 5 refreshing colours, suited for everyday wear and also for special occasions. Real Gray and Real Brown are great for those who would like a refreshing change in eye colour while Real Sky, Real Olive and Real Peach are good for a more dressed up look!

Monthly Coloured Contact Lens

All colours come in a box of two for the monthly contacts ($24 USD) and it often has a Buy 1 Free 1 offer which cuts down the price of a pair of contacts to just $12 USD! The monthly colour contact lenses uses Hema material that ensures that comfort even when rewearing the lenses for the entire month!

Daily Coloured Contact Lens

For those who prefer daily contact lens, OLens Scandi Real collection also comes in the 1 Day version in a box of 20 pieces ($34 USD) and 10 pieces ($21 USD). These are great for the more unique colours like Real Peach which you want to wear for special celebrations and parties. The premium Puscon material is used for the daily coloured lens, and is very hydrating for the eyes.

Spanish Real Peach

Olens Spanish Real Collection Colour Contact Lens

The Spanish Real Peach was the colour that I was most looking forward to try! Red and peach signals a flirty, sensual vibe and I think it is the best colour for celebrations like the Lunar New Year, Valentines' Day and for birthday parties.

Also, the Scandi collection does not have a colour like this, I opened this packet almost immediately to wear them out! The Real Peach isn't too reddish to be honest. It was just a light pinkish hue as compared to the Real Brown colour.

Armed with bright red lips and a sensual red dress, you'll be ready to go for a hot date with your partner! :)

Spanish Real Sky

Olens Spanish Real Collection Colour Contact Lens

Are you someone who is obsessed with blue eyes? Then the chic and stylish Sky Blue is a great colour choice for you. Like the Peach colour, the blue is only a slight tinge which gives just a slight pop of colour to your eyes without looking overly dramatic. Spanish Sky offers dark coloured Asian eyes a chance of having caucasian-looking blue eyes! :)

Spanish Real Brown

Olens Spanish Real Collection Colour Contact Lens

The Spanish Real Brown is your everyday colour, giving your darker eyes a lighter brown which brightens the features on your face. It looks very natural and someone whom you've met for the first time may even think that you have natural brown eyes!

This was also my favourite colour in the Spanish collection as it helps me go from office chic to a stylish night date!

Comparison with Scandi Hazel?

Some of you might be curious as what is the difference with the Scandi Hazel?

The Scandi collection's colour is lot brighter and closer to gold, hence your eyes will look more dramatic in real life.

Spanish Real Brown just gives a nice soft, slight tinge of brown. Doesn't it look very natural on my dark coloured eyes?

Spanish Real Olive

Olens Spanish Real Collection Colour Contact Lens

The Spanish Real Olive was my second favourite of the series. I felt that it gave a nice olive hue to my eyes which looked even better in the sunlight.

As compared to the Scandi Olive series, the Spanish Real Olive also had a slightly dark shade of green and less distinct lines and patterns which blends more naturally with my eye colour.

So Spanish is indeed the more natural-looking colour contact lens of the two. Read also my review of the Olens Scandi Collection!

Left: Spanish Real Olive; Right: Scandi Olive.

Spanish Real Gray

OLens Scandi Real Collection Colour Contact Lens

As compared to the Scandi collection which has two gray series, the Spanish collection's gray is slightly closer to the gray in Scandi. What's also special about OLens colour contacts is that they use different colours so that even with unique colours like gray, it will look natural when worn.

The Spanish Real Gray uses a little bit of yellow in the middle to draw the iris out while Scandi Gray includes a little bit of gold colour as well for a more dramatic stage look. That's why it was marketed as Blackpink's contacts!

Nonetheless, the Spanish Real Gray contacts are great for everyday wear. It gives your eyes a breath of new life with a new colour as compared to the usual Black and Dark Brown Asian Eyes. These contacts would bring you from business meetings to social dinners easily!

Are you new to OLens Global?

If you're new to OLens will get a New member Sign Up Bonus where you'll get to save up to 15% your first order.

Besides that, don't miss out on this Welcome Kit (pictured above). Aside from the contact lens coming in a beautiful box, you'll get three pairs of 1 Day contact lenses for free! YES FREE! Olens Global usually provides other colours and other range of contacts for you to try!

Why OLens?

Besides OLens, during my hunt for contact lenses, I also found some of their competitors like Solotica and TTDEYE but ended up choosing OLens because they are priced cheaper and their worldwide shipping is fast! Now, they even have their own O2 edition clear contact lens which makes it even better because if you ever need clear subscription lenses as well, you can get them all at Olens for a one-stop shopping experience.

Plus? Buy more to save more! Spend $100 USD and above to get free shipping and $150 USD above for free express shipping (3 days).

Even during the Coronavirus season where shipping worldwide has experienced delays, DHL Shipping took less than a week to reach me all the way from South Korea!

To see the full range of coloured and non-coloured contact lenses, head over to OLENS Global!

Disclaimer: I have been wearing OLens for over 6 months now. OLens have kindly sent me the Spanish Real Collection to review. This post however is not sponsored and all thoughts and comments are my own.

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