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Paul Immigrations Reviews: Singapore PR application specialists

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Whenever I tell people that I’m from Singapore, they will look at me starry-eyed, curious to find out more about the country I call home. They’ve heard that it is clean, safe, and that it is a rich country where there are many rich people (no thanks to Crazy Rich Asians and the recent Singapore Social on Netflix)… Due to Singapore’s label as being one of the world’s most affluent nation, many travellers and digital nomads have never considered making their base here.

But when the conversation dives deeper, they soon realise that the prospects of having a high level of security, the reliable internet network, the modern and high-tech infrastructure, the efficient transport system, and the fact that Singapore is just a great gateway to the rest of Asia can make Singapore an appealing long-term or even permanent base. The cosmopolitan city makes it even more welcoming as it is possible for people of different races, religion, and culture to live harmoniously. Then it comes to questions about working or studying in Singapore or some may even broach the topic of becoming a Permanent Resident (PR).

While there are countless foreigners living in Singapore (1.68 million of the 5.7 million people as of 2019, (Department of Statistics Singapore)), there are several benefits people can enjoy when they have PR status. This includes accommodation options, access to our impressive healthcare facilities and services and the opportunity for their children to be part of our high-quality education system at a highly subsidised rate. For employees, the PR status also provides Central Provident Fund (CPF) benefits and a multitude of personal tax reliefs and subsidies. Though the PR status may seem extremely inviting, it is certainly not as straightforward as getting employed, getting married, or having children in Singapore.

Hearing from countless experiences shared by friends and distant relatives, the entire application process can be a nightmare as individuals have to navigate through the submission of documents, adhering to deadlines, and the wait; oh, the wait, can be a torturous one. Also, as immigration laws become increasingly stringent, it is more challenging for foreigners to attain PR status. That is why sometimes engaging a professional immigration specialist can be extremely helpful. These are people who have a wealth of knowledge of the entire PR application process and can offer key insights, organise all relevant and essential documents, help in the preparation of any additional documents and assist in the crafting of personalised cover letters. As these professionals lead you through the entire process from the initiation to the end, it would definitely help potential PRs minimise time and effort.

Paul Immigrations Reviews: The Singapore PR Application Process

With lots of experience under their belt, the immigration consultants in the team can lead you, your spouse, and your dependents through the bureaucratic labyrinth. If you’re currently holding an Employment Pass or S Pass, a student studying in the city-state, a foreign business owner, or even a foreign artistic talent seeking to obtain PR status, the immigration specialists can provide valuable advice and help at every single juncture of the application. Even if you are not sure if you can actually start applying for PR status, you could complete a simple eligibility online form.

Once you have filled in the online form, or have spoken with a consultant via a telephone call, you will be invited to the modern-looking office. Here, besides verifying the documents that you have, the helpful specialists would go through the numerous factors that contribute to the approval of a PR and what they could help you with.

Paul Immigrations can help you with organising your documentation

Because many PR applicants are often unaware of how to use the online portal or would submit incomplete documentation to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA) through the portal, there would be a lot of to-and-fro with the ICA staff. This doesn’t just waste lots of precious time, but also causes a lot of distress. Imagine every time you open an email or letter from ICA, feeling hopeful, carefully opening it up only to find out that there is (always) one more document that they require. To avoid all these stress, professional help definitely helps to ease the entire process.

Another one of the challenges many foreigners face when applying for PR is to translate documentation from their home country into the English Language. Since many foreigners are non-native speakers nor writers of the language, it could pose a huge problem. These documentations also need to have official stamps by an approved body. Not knowing which agency to go to may cause further delays in the application process.

Also, because the consultancy team are familiar and experienced with the entire PR application process, they know the importance of submitting relevant additional documents, such as a recommendation letter from your employer, which would further support your application.

Paul Immigrations can help you with your cover letter

All job seekers would know the importance of a well-crafted cover letter. Even though ICA does not require a cover letter, the inclusion of it helps to elevate yourself from the plethora of applicants. Similar to applying for a job, a well-written cover letter would help in the application for a PR. Should you not have a cover letter, the team has a pool of talented writers to help you with your cover letter. They would highlight key skills that you possess, your contributions to the local industry you belong to, your participation in local events, and the resources you could potentially bring to Singapore. The inclusion of all these would greatly help in your PR application.

After going through the in-person consultation where the specialist would share what they can help you with, you can then manage your expectations and make an informed decision on whether to engage their services.

As with all PR applications, and the further tightening of awarding PR status, it would be irresponsible for the immigration consultancy to guarantee approval of their client’s application by ICA. Nonetheless, it is worthy to note that before the team takes up a client, they would have already run eligibility checks to ensure that whoever they take in would have a good probability of success. These checks also ensure that each consultant would not be inundated with tons of clients and they would be able to carefully work through each client’s case and shower you with the attention you need.

In the unlikely event that your application does not go through, the consultant would also advise your next best course of action such as trying to improve your resubmission through gaining additional educational certification or getting a promotion in your workplace.

All in all, rather than going through the entire uphill process on your own, it is definitely recommended to seek help from experts. With over 15,000 satisfied customers from diverse backgrounds all around the world, the immigration consultancy’s team of dedicated specialists takes pride in their professionalism and provides quality service to understand their client’s every immigration need.

This post is written in partnership with Paul Immigrations.



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