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The All-New OLens Real Ring Daily Contact Lens Review

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

OLens Real Ring Daily Contact Lens in Brown and Gray

Back with a new collection! The OLens Real Ring One-Day contact lens.

As the world opens up and you start travelling again, why not stock up on your daily contacts so that you can ensure that your eyes are on point and matched with your look of the day!

Get Luminous, Toned Up Eyes with OLens Real Ring!

How Olens Real Ring Looks Like, contact lens review

Made of Puscon material, the Real Ring is a comfy and breathable daily contacts. Get toned up eyes with Real Ring! It comes in two neutral and extremely wearable colours - Brown and Gray.

The feature of Real Ring is that it comes with a deep outer ring with a lighter inner ring that gives a ring light effect on your eyes. With 12.5mm natural size, it naturally colours and add a tinge to your iris.

As compared to the relatively new Glowy, where you have to adjust the position of your lens due to the nature of the patterns and colours, Real Ring is a pop-and-play!

A box of 10 lenses - good for a 5-day trip costs only $21. If you want more bang for buck, go for the monthly ones at $29 (you’ll get 2 boxes cos it’s going for 1-for-1!

The only difference is for monthly lenses, it’s Hema material instead of Puscon!

Gray Real Ring

Olens Real Ring One Day contact lens gray

Outlined with a darker gray and and inner light gray circle. As compared to Scandi gray which has a yellowish tinge, I felt that Real Ring is more natural looking. It’s also great to just add a slight pop of colour in dark Asian eyes.

Brown Real Ring

Olens real ring one day contact lens review in brown

The brown is my preferred out of the two colours as I have very dark brown eyes, the gray colour is not as obvious that I’m wearing coloured contacts. The brown however, softens my look and brightens my eyes. If you’re wearing light-coloured clothing, this is the pair you’ll want to get.

Benefits of Puscon

Real ring contact lens puscon

Taking a long flight and worried that your eyes will become too dry? No worries, puscon’s got you #triedandtested

Usually on flights, I’ll wear a one-day contacts and keep an extra pair on my carry-on. When my eyes get too dry, I’ll usually remove and dispose of them during the flight and then put on a new pair when I arrive at the destination.

However, when I wore Puscon contact lens on my recent trip, I didn’t even have to remove them throughout the 6 hours flight. I even continued wearing them throughout the day!

So what’s so awesome about Puscon?

1. Puscon’s the safest material for our eyes

Puscon is made up of a bio material. Scientifically and medically, it is even possible to insert this material into human bodies as an artificial heart or blood vessel. I mean, if it’s even capable of doing that, isn’t it the the safest contact lens material to wear?

2. Consists of a Strong Hydration Shell

The hydrophilic molecular structure of Puscon reduces the dryness of your eyes and keep your eyes moisturised throughout the day! However, do note that the ideal usage time is still about 6 hours a day.

I cheated and wore it up to about 9 hours and it still works very well!

3. Say goodbye to Protein Deposition

Thanks to the strong hydration shell, Puscon prevents protein and foreign substance disposition so that the lens are always clear as day. Especially for my female friends. When you put makeup on, sometimes this may deposit into our eyes when we rub our eyes. Then the lenses become uncomfortable and murky. You don’t have to worry about this with Olens Puscon contact lens!

4. Strong UV-block function

Summer’s almost here! We slab on UV sunblock to protect our skin and put on UV-blocking clothes when we head out into the sun. But what about our eyes? It’s good to know that Puscon actually shields harmful UV for our eyes so you don’t have to worry about eye puffiness or redness even after a full day of outdoor activities!

Even if you’re not outdoors, do you know that there’s UV light indoors too? With Puscon, you’re fully protected!

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