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Olens Glowy - Lights up your eyes

You know how your eyes naturally sparkles under the bright sun? Well, you can get that same look even when you are indoors with Olens Glowy! The new collection is one that will give your eyes an additional shines!

As compared to the other collections like the Blackpink Scandi range, latest Blackpink picks, the Russian Smoky, the Spanish real, and the non-coloured clear contact lens. the Olens Glowy range is more intentional in its design and other than the three main colours of black, brown and ash gray, each lens is contrasted with another gold and yellow hue that highlights your eyes further. It is no wonder the people at Olens called it the Eyelighter!

What is Olens?

Watched Squid Game recently? Then you'll be more than familiar with South Korea. Not to worry, it isn't all scary games at Olens! OLens Global has its headquarters in South Korea and is the first global contact lens specialty brand. Besides carrying the top favourites, I must say that they continuously put in thought into research and development as they have been coming up with so many new ranges! And the Olens Eyelighter Glowy that I'll be reviewing is one!

The all-new Olens Glowy Collection

As their new kid on the block, they only have the monthly coloured contacts for the eyelighter glowy range for now, but they do offer lots of other daily-wear contacts in other amazing colours if you are interested! (Or perhaps we'll see the daily one coming up soon if we all show our support to this new collection!)

So, what can we expect in this new Olens Glowy Collection?

The Specs

The monthly-use contacts are made of Hema material, with a water content of 40%, a graphic diameter of 13.1mm, and a base curve of 8.6mm. Just like their popular Scandi and Spanish collection, you can definitely be assured of comfortable wearing experience with these contact lens!

All Olens contact lenses also come with prescription power of up to 8.00 so if you want to ditch your spectacles for a day of fun, you can do so by choosing the right prescription power! That being said, do go to your optician to ensure you get the power!

The Price

Prices of Olens contact lenses are generally affordable. For this collection, it costs $29 USD and it comes as a pair. With a BOGO Buy 1 Get 1 free deal, it means you're paying less than a dollar each day for pretty eyes!

Especially for those of you who have different prescription power for both eyes, it means that every time you wanna try a new lenses, you'll have to pay twice the $. But not anymore when you buy your contacts from Olens!

Eyelighter Glowy Black

You can't go wrong with black, while gold is the new black! You'll find both these colours in the Eyelighter Glowy Black.

With a dark gold shade of highlighter on a soft black base, you'll find yourself with a natural, multi-dimensional and realistic-looking eye colour.

You know how your eyes light up whenever there is a bright light shining on your face? You'll get that exact same or if not better effect when you put on this pair of lenses!

Eyelighter Glowy Brown

The brown coloured contact lenses come in a nice pink packaging. The brown colour is just a slight tinge lighter than the black contacts and comes with a slightly contrasting milk brown base which looks like a lighter shade of gold in my opinion.

Just like how I prefer brown eyeliners and brown eyebrow colours, I think the eyelighter glowy brown looks more natural on my dark-coloured asian eyes. As sometimes black can be a little bit stronger-looking, this brown is a nice dark coloured contact lens.

Eyelighter Glowy Ash Gray

Finally we come to the ash gray colour, this would be the most outstanding of the lot and is said to carry a magical olive shade of highlighter on an ash gray base. If you've read how much I love Scandi Olive, then you won't be surprised how I love this olive eyeligher shade on the glowy contacts.

When worn, however, the olive colour doesn't really come off as olive, but more of a blue-gray undertone that blends in really well with the overall ash gray colour. You won't notice that you are wearing a dual-colour contacts if you don't stare close enough!

Overall thoughts on Olens Eyelighter Glowy

All in all, I think that this range is a great for people who would want that extra glow while not going over the top! It is relatively understated yet brings forth a natural glowy and shine in your iris.

The only but for this collection is that you'll need extra time to "arrange" the contacts into your eyes. As a guide, the glowy contrasting colour should be at the bottom of your pupil as that will look the most natural!

Additional Bonus for new Olens shoppers!

If you're new to OLens, you will get a New member Sign Up Bonus where you'll get to save up to 15% your first order. Besides that, don't miss out on a Welcome Kit. You'll get three pairs of 1 Day contact lenses for free! They'll usually provide other colours and other range of contacts for you to try.

Share the love, share shipping!

If you have friends who would love to try coloured contacts, all the better. Spend $100 and above to get free shipping and $150 above for free express shipping (3 days). To see the full range of coloured and non-coloured contact lenses, head over to OLENS Global!



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