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Cheap Car Rentals Florida in Orlando Options for Families and Groups

cheap car rentals in orlando

Orlando is a happy tourist place in Florida; when you visit this exciting place, you'll have a lot of things on your plate. Moreover, who doesn't want smooth road trips to a new place? A rental car will allow you to visit more Orlando places without exhaustion.

Whatever plans you have with your family or friends in Orlando, having your vehicle will give you high-time relaxation as you'll not have to worry about other taxi services or wait in long queues to travel in public transport.

What’s more? Road trips to Orlando will take you to scenic delights, natural beauties, historical treasures, and breathtaking views. Go on a solo ride on your own four wheels, drive the easy right handed cars of the USA, and hit the road in a unique style by renting cars at a low budget.

The Procedure for Renting a Car in Orlando

Rental companies in Orlando have huge fleets of cars inside their showrooms, but to get their keys in your hands, you must strictly follow their procedure; only then can you rent a car from these companies. However, while choosing your vehicle, don’t forget to check out the customer ratings, price, filter type car, and documents you must sign.

The basic documents required to rent a car in Orlando include your passport and licence. You should have these in your pocket throughout your journey, even after you get your car. In addition, your age should be 25 or above. A credit card is a must before you visit a showroom for rental purposes.

If you fulfil all the requirements above, waste no more time, as you'll be 100% eligible to rent a car in Orlando, Florida!

Cheapest Rental Cars Available in Orlando

There are many cheap car rentals in Florida in Orlando, but every car has advantages and disadvantages. Keeping those points aside, you can easily rent a car at $57 per day in Orlando. However, even these low-cost cars go at higher rates when it's high tourism time due to increasing demand.

Moreover, when you choose a car for a group of people, always count the number of passengers and then select your vehicle to avoid space issues. You can get cheap rented cars and higher rental cars in Orlando. Some of the affordable options are listed below:

  • Standard SUV, starting from $57 per day.

  • Midsize SUV, starting from $60 per day.

  • Nissan Versa, $63 per day.

  • Chevrolet Spark, $63 per day.

  • Nissan Quest, $65 per day.

  • Ford F150, $65 per day.

  • Tesla Model 3, $81 per day.

These are the cheapest cars you'll find in Orlando, Fl, so whether you are taking your family on a road trip or seeking a vehicle to relax your legs and give your luggage some space, you can choose any of the above cars at cheap rates.

3 Tips to Keep in Mind while Renting a Car in Orlando

Here best and cheapest deals are available for rental cars Orlando international airport. So if you ever think of renting a car in Orlando, consider this option first. Apart from the international airport of Orlando, Florida, other companies also provide their vehicles for rent at good rates.

However, during June, the rates of rent drop to their lowest, while in February, the rates touch the sky as February is the most visited month by tourists in Orlando, and demand for car rentals gets high.

Here are three tips to keep in mind before renting a car in Orlando!

1. Book Your Car Priorly

Always book your cars in Orlando a day or before your visit. You can easily pre-book your desired vehicle online even before landing in Orlando; this is the flexible option available for all tourists on a 10% advance payment.

Moreover, there are a total of 84 rental companies in Orlando. Imagine having so many rental car companies; they still get short on cars because Orlando has unbelievable things and entertainment for everyone. So get your car before it gets reserved by someone else to provide your family with a smooth road trip.

2. Choose Compact Cars

Compact cars are a budget-friendly option to drive in Orlando with friends or family, as these cars are easy to handle and fuel efficient. Almost five people can travel in a compact car.

In addition, the deals of compact cars are cheaper and lower than big and heavy cars. These cars are easily parked and don't require huge spaces; they also have admirable gas mileage.

3. Use Google Car Rental Location Map

Florida has been providing car rental services to tourists since 1994, and many different rental companies in Orlando offer cheap and lower rates to their customers. If you book their vehicle for longer, they also provide additional discounts to get their company 5-star ratings.

However, for going on a road trip, you don't have to travel to different showrooms to choose your desired car. Just navigate online through google Car rental location map and visit all the rental companies in Orlando without burning your fuel.

Final Verdict

Renting a car in Orlando is considered an ideal choice, as you have to visit many places and shops in this delightful city of Florida, including Walt Disney World. When you have so many things to do, hiring a taxi every time will be expensive; waiting for those vehicles is a second hurdle.

Moreover, sometimes during peak hours these taxis also get late due to traffic, and when you think about public transport, you'll have to wait in long queues to enter those vehicles. Isn't it a tiresome process? It is! So why not have your own four wheels to wander in the city hassle-free?

Plus, the deals on rental cars in Orlando are cheaper and better, so whenever you visit this amusement city, try renting a car and make your family or friend's trip unforgettable.



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