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Exploring The Mall, Midvalley Southkey at Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Exploring The Mall, Midvalley Southkey in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Just last week, we left our shores and went across the causeway to check out a new mall and I must say that The Mall, Midvalley Southkey is one of our best new JB mall experience. Unlike the many other malls that see few stores opened, most of the stores at Midvalley were already opened and inviting when we visited!

Exploring The Mall, Midvalley Southkey in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Midvalley Southkey, The Mall opened its doors to the public on 23 April 2019 and is touted to be the largest integrated shopping centre in Johor Bahru, spanning over 1.5 million square feet and five floors (including the basement). Similar to the Mid Valley Megamall in Kuala Lumpur, you'll find a large variety of food and dining options, retail shopping outlets, as well as entertainment choices! When we visited, the fourth floor which houses the cinema isn't opened yet, but you'll find everything you need in the remaining floors.

Although many of the stores seem to be a repeat of what you'll find at City Square Mall, Midvalley Southkey is definitely much more spacious and sophisticated-looking.

What to eat at The Mall, Midvalley Southkey in Johor Bahru, Malaysia?

Exploring The Mall, Midvalley Southkey in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

We've not had the stomach to try everything in the mall yet (plus we are currently on a diet after putting on too much weight!), but here are some of those that we have tried during our last trip.

Lower Ground

Most of the food and dining options are found on the lower ground so you know where you have to head to if you are feeling peckish or hungry!

1. Seven Oaks Bakery (LG-027)

Exploring The Mall, Midvalley Southkey in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Cruffin, Seven Oaks Bakery

Beautiful pastries and cakes abound at this cosy bakery situated close to the escalator. We were attracted to their colourful Cruffins and decided to give it a shot... and we loved it!

We tried the Dark Chocolate one as recommended by the bubbly and friendly staff and it was worth all the calories. The dark chocolate had good notes of cocoa, without being overly sweet.

We washed it down with some coffee and went off to explore the next eat!

2. Family Mart (LG-020)

Family Mart Johor Bahru

There is already a Family Mart opened at City Square but this one is bigger and better! There is even a little sitting area just like those in Japan and Korea for you to consume your snacks. We had the Japanese oden and thought that it was cool that they had a tom yum version. It was delicious having the assortment of fish cakes and daikon in the piping hot soup. Better still, we didn't have to eat standing up!

Family Mart also serves up some great coffee and tea, plus there was a long queue for their soft serve!

3. Meng Meng Roasted Duck (LG-012)

We've recently tried this since it opened at City Square Mall and you'll be pleased to have something closer to Dian Xiao Er in Singapore sans the heavy price tag! Besides their angelica duck, their also serve up a good roasted pork and char siew.

4. Dragon-i (LG-056)

Because Din Tai Fung is too mainstream, try Dragon-i's Shanghainese cuisine with its array of la mian and xiao long bao.

5. Penang Road Famous TeoChew Chendul (LG-017)

Penang Road Famous Chendul

The name says it all and they serve a mean bowl of Chendol! Other than the original chendol , you could also try the ones with milk tea, coffee, or even chempedak! Should you be looking for something more substantial, there's also the Penang Laksa and Rojak to share!

Ground Floor

6. San Francisco Coffee (G-049)

San Francisco Coffee, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Since your usual Starbucks and Coffeebean are too mainstream and crowded, head over to San Francisco Coffee instead! Besides the funky and cosy-looking interior, they serve up a great cup of Iced Mocha too!

First Floor

7. Ho Min San

This was a new joint we discovered and wow, we were blown away by their amazing Sheng Jian Bao (Pan-Fried Pork Dumplings). Ho Min San literally translates to a friendly face and they serve hipster Shanghainese and Hong Kong cuisine. They are under the same group as Canton-i and Dragon-i so if you love their food, you would love Ho Min San!

We've tried a few dishes here and absolutely loved all of them. The Truffle Sheng Jian Bao was the best as truffle-infused meat was wrapped in a crispy exterior bun. The original one was good too but a tad drier. It was so good that we ordered an additional portion after our first round!

The braised pork intestines were also soft and tender, and extremely flavourful. Great for times when you miss our local Singaporean kway chap.

Other great shops to visit!

Besides eating, there is a lot more to do in Midvalley Southkey. Take advantage of the good exchange rate to do some of your shopping!

Village Grocer (Lower Ground - AT-2)

Village Grocer, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Village Grocer is a huge supermarket with its own F&B outlet and even houses a stationery store. You know how it is so fun and exciting to explore the supermarket in a foreign country to discover new products and yummy treats? Try going through the aisles in this supermarket. Besides snagging some good deals, there are also interesting products that you don't find back home!

Affordable Clothing Shopping - Good2U (LG-028) / F.O.S (LG-038)

These are two outlets located on the Lower Ground that has clothes for the entire family. You'll find men, women, and even children clothes in the one store. These stores also sell factory-rejected clothes or cut-labels (though we're not certain of their authenticity aka buy at your own risk).

Mr D.I.Y. (S-008)

Mr D.I.Y is Malaysia's largest home improvement chain and it presents good and useful products at great prices. With products ranging from autocare, homeware, tools, gifts, and toys, you'll find yourselves bagging something, surely, from the store!

Oh, and those who are looking to renovate your houses, you'll find quality switches at Mr D.I.Y. for a steal!

Palo (S-012)

Feeling bored? Head up to the Second Floor for PALO, a fun-filled arcade for the entire family. Even though there were quite a number of machines that were still under repair, it was fun shooting hoops in the arcade!


Exploring The Mall, Midvalley Southkey in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, SOGO

Singaporeans who still remember SOGO can reminisce their times in Midvalley Southkey across the causeway. This departmental store sells everything from clothes to homeware. Spanning three floors, it provides shoppers with a sophisticated shopping experience!

How to get to The Mall, Midvalley Southkey in Johor Bahru, Malaysia?

The mall is located about a 10-minute drive from Johor Central / CIQ and even though it looks pretty far on the map, you'll get there in no time via the highway. Should you choose not to drive, it is also relatively easy to Grab (RM8 from CIQ!) or flag a taxi there.

You may also want to purchase a 4G Sim Card so that you can travel with data!

We also found out that there is a new MV2 Causeway Link shuttle service that brings you over for just RM1. (The shuttle drops off and picks up passengers at the North Entrance of Midvalley Southkey and there is a bus almost every half an hour) Yes, RM1 (about $SGD 0.34), so why not head over to The Mall for a brand new shopping and eating adventure!

The Mall, Midvalley Southkey No. 1, Persiaran Southkey 1, 80150 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia Opening hours: Daily, 10.00am - 10.00pm

Overall, it was really fun exploring the mall and we would definitely make time to head back soon! Have you been to The Mall, Midvalley Southkey? Share with us your experiences in the comments below!

Wondering where to stay in Johor Bahru, Malaysia?

During this trip, we also tried out the new Capri by Fraser Johor Bahru located 3 minutes from CIQ. We paid $62 for a night stay in a Sea View Room at Capri by Fraser Johor Bahru through Booking. You may want to read our review here.

Some other JB hotels that we've experienced include Amari Hotel Johor Bahru, located right across Komtar JBCC mall, and KSL Hotel and Resort Apartment, conveniently located above KSL shopping mall.

Update: There's a new hotel opened right within Mid-Valley Southkey Mall called St Giles! Read our St Giles Hotel Review here.

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