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Mid-Valley Southkey's Hidden Gem: A Review of St Giles Hotel in Johor Bahru

St Giles Hotel Johor Bahru at Mid-Valley Southkey Mall

Now that the borders are open, many Singaporeans looking for a mini-holiday across the shores may be wondering which hotel they can visit. Over the years, I've tried numerous hotels in JB and am looking for a new and exciting one.

On one of my day trips to Johor Bahru, I chanced across this hidden gem. I first saw direction signage within the carpark to this hotel and then saw its entrance located at one corner of the lift lobby at Mid-Valley SouthKey Mall. I then knew that I have to make a trip to stay there for a night!

Where is St Giles Hotel located at?

St Giles Hotel is the perfect place for leisure travellers and those who wants to shop to their heart's content at one of the biggest mall in JB - Mid Valley South Key mall. There's tons to do here, including an arcade and a cinema!

The hotel's location is unbeatable, with easy access to some of the city's most popular attractions. It is just a short 10 - 15 minutes drive from City Square Mall, and mimics KSL hotel whereby you get the hotel directly about the mall!

How is the check-in at St Giles Hotel?

When you step into the lobby, we heard that many will be greeted by long lines at around 3-4pm. However, we lucked out and saw hardly any queues. We will attended to quite quickly by the staff where they checked our passports, confirmed that the rooms that we reserved, and collected payment (including a tourism tax for foreigners).

We then received our key cards, and were given instructions where we can find the lift lobby and the exit directly to the mall. The staff also kindly informed us that we had complimentary breakfast on Level 6, and that it is recommended that we go for breakfast early to beat the crowds.

What are the facilities at St Giles Hotel?

Rooftop Pool at St Giles Hotel Johor Bahru at Mid-Valley Southkey Mall

We first checked out the facilities at St Giles, located at the top floor of the property. There's a fully-equipped fitness center, with many eager gym-goers already exercising in the middle of the day, and an outdoor rooftop pool with a view of the river.

This reminded us a lot about our staycation at Clan Hotel in Singapore. Don't want to get your hair wet in the pool? Sitting by the pool with the rocking chairs were really cool too! As we were on the rooftop, with no taller buildings in the vicinity, the breeze was really strong, so bring along your towels if you are swimming so that you don't get too chilly after your swim.

There was also a bar at the top which has glass windows all around, given a good view of the landscape in the area.

Apart from the breakfast restaurant on Level 6, they do also have several meeting rooms, making it a great venue for conferences and corporate events.

How's the room like at St Giles?

No hotel stay is complete without a good night's sleep, and St Giles Hotel does deliver in this department. The beds are comfortable and the rooms were sizeable. Each room either overlooks the river or grants a city view, but we do recommend the river view since on lower floors, you'll see parts of the roof of the mall, hindering your view.

Room in St Giles Hotel Johor Bahru at Mid-Valley Southkey Mall

We also liked the bay windows, with comfy cushions so that you can read a book or just rest before you take your bath. But, if you're thinking of wondrous river views, please take note that we're in johor bahru, so don't let your imaginations go wild. You'll see some blocks of flats, the highway, and the river.

Even though the highway was right outside of the property, we couldn't really hear it with the thick, soundproof windows, that enabled us to enjoy a good night's rest!

Like most hotels, St Giles also provided complimentary tea and coffee, with ample storage space for our belongings.

Is St Giles hotel family-friendly?

Yes, we do think so. Although we have not experienced bringing children there, we did read that they do offer children's cot if needed (and they are limited) on their website. Please do check directly with the hotel to confirm if this is indeed true.

We also saw children at the property and there is a children's pool at the rooftop if that helps. Since it connects directly to the mall, and the carpark is directly underground, we think that it is a hotel great for families with kids (and prams).

Should you book St Giles for your next trip to JB?

Definitely a resounding yes! If you're looking for a comfortable, convenient stay in Johor Bahru, we highly recommend St Giles Hotel at Mid-Valley Southkey. With its great facilities and direct access to the mall (highly convenient if you're watching a midnight movie!), it is the perfect place for a break outside of Singapore.

We booked our St Giles river view room on Booking and paid around $95 SGD on a Sunday night. Do take note that we did try checking Saturday night stays and it is often sold out so do book in advance, and expect higher rates, and higher crowds during check-in.

Alternatively, check out our reviews of Capri by Fraser Johor Bahru, Amari Hotel Johor Bahru, and Hyatt Place Johor Bahru Paradigm Mall (the newest hotel!)



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