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Get the best ribs in Johor Bahru at Naughty Bali!

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Get the best ribs in Johor Bahru at Naughty Nuri Warung (Naughty Bali)!

No one would ever think of getting the best pork ribs in JB, but ever since our favourite Tony Roma’s moved out of our shores, we have been craving for the tender and saucy ribs! Thankfully, we found them across the causeway in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

Better still, you can get to Naughty Bali easily via Grab or Taxi as it is located close to KSL City Mall. We went to the Taman Sri Tebrau outlet but they do have another one close to Sutera Mall so visitors coming in from Tuas will find it extremely accessible too. Plus, they close late on Fridays and Saturdays at 2am so you can have a good time chilling in the well-furnished restaurant before heading back to your hotel.

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Is Naughty Bali affiliated with Naughty Nuri in Bali?

Though their ribs were indeed amazing, Naughty Bali is a ribs restaurant opened in Johor Bahru and this restaurant currently has no connection whatsoever with the famous Naughty Nuri's Group based in Bali, Indonesia.

If you're wondering why Naughty Bali is called as such and sometimes even mistakenly called Naughty Nuri Warung (as seen in some online reviews and on Google Maps), the Director of the Naughty Nuri's Group has so kindly clarified that the initial restaurant was indeed set up under license from the Naughty Nuri's Group. The restaurant was called Naughty Bali at its inception as the Johor Bahru authorities have never approved the Naughty Nuri name. However, ever since the original owners sold their ownership to another group (which was contrary to the terms of the License Agreement), the agreement with Naughty Nuri's group has been terminated and so are any connections to the Balinese-based group. Yet, the name "Naughty Bali" as seen on its signage still remains.

Our experience at Naughty Bali

Now that we've get the name and brand confusion in the way, at Naughty Bali, you'll get Balinese cuisine plus some other Asian and fusion foods like Thai Tom Yum, Salads, Curry, et cetera. There is a wide selection of choices and we had a seriously hard time choosing what exactly to order.

Should you not want to fuss and fret over what to order, there are also sharing platters that have an assortment of foods that you can share with your party!

Get the best ribs in Johor Bahru at Naughty Nuri Warung (Naughty Bali)!

The environment and vibe at Naughty Bali is vibrant yet laid back. We visited on a Sunday night and there were just a few tables occupied. Select from indoor or outdoor seating and enjoy the selection of movies they play on their many screens in the restaurant.

Get the best ribs in Johor Bahru at Naughty Nuri Warung (Naughty Bali)!

They even have a pool table where you can enjoy a game for just RM2.

Get the best ribs in Johor Bahru at Naughty Nuri Warung (Naughty Bali)!

The food, is of course, nothing short of amazing! We tried as many as our stomachs can take but will definitely be going back for more.

First, when over at Naughty Bali‘s we had to try their all-famous pork ribs. The one-person portion was going at RM 42 and the bigger portion at RM 53. With no questions asked, we went for the bigger one.

Get the best ribs in Johor Bahru at Naughty Nuri Warung (Naughty Bali)!

The waiting time for food was relatively short. Most of the dishes came quickly which helped quell our hangry stomaches! The pork ribs were drenched with a sweet and savoury barbecue sauce and most portions of the ribs were fall-off-the-bone tender. There were some parts that were slightly dry (not much fats) but it was still delicious-tasting with the side of sauce.

Get the best ribs in Johor Bahru at Naughty Nuri Warung (Naughty Bali)!

We also ordered the Pork Mee Goreng (RM 20) that was surprisingly flavoured well, with the much needed “Wok Hei” charred flavour. There were also good portions of diced vegetables that gave a good texture to the fried noodles. We liked that the Mee Goreng gave with three different types of chilli that looked and tasted as though they have just grounded the chilli peppers hours before our meal!

Get the best ribs in Johor Bahru at Naughty Nuri Warung (Naughty Bali)!

Next, we tried the Crispy Chicharron (RM15), which is deep fried intestines served with some sweet chilli sauce. The Chicharron came as a huge platter and is definitely worth the price. It was super sinful, but still oh-so-savoury and crispy. We couldn’t stop munching these down even after our meal and had them as a good snack with our drinks.

Get the best ribs in Johor Bahru at Naughty Nuri Warung (Naughty Bali)!

Finally, we tried their pork and chicken satay (12 RM for 3 pcs). The pork had fatty parts and was grilled well. But we didnt really find the satay all that amazing and very much preferred those we’ve tried at the Satay Street at Singapore‘s Lau Pa Sat.

Drinks were affordable too, not that cheap, but definitely better than prices in Singapore. A bottle of Tiger White was RM 17 and a can of coke for RM 7. For a bar-type establishment, I thought that the prices were pretty good.

So, the next time you are visiting Johor Bahru, Naughty Bali is definitely worth visiting! Have you tried their ribs? What do you think? Share them with us in the comments down below.

Naughty Bali

1, Jalan Serampang, Taman Sri Tebrau, 80050 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia


21, Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/2, Tmn Sutera Utama, 81300 Skudai, Johor

Opening hours:

Mondays to Thursdays - 12pm to 1am

Fridays and Saturdays - 12pm to 2am

Sundays - 12pm to 12am

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