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Hot piping Shoryu Ramen in London, United Kingdom

Fancy some piping hot ramen while roaming the cold streets in London? Check out Shoryu Ramen for delicious tonkotsu (pork-broth) ramen! As an Asian, and having tried some of the best ramen in Japan (think Ichiran, Ippudo, etc), the standard of Shoryu Ramen is really good! Hakata style ramen is used and is topped with a thick flavourful tonkotsu broth! Also, Shoryu Ramen actually has a store in Japan!

We actually chanced upon it while waiting for our flat iron steak! The wait was too long and we were too hungry to wait so we decided to pop into this store for warmth and to fill our hungry stomachs! Since the last time we've been there, Shoryu has expanded to 13 stores in the United Kingdom!

If you are craving for some good ramen, head to Shoryu!

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