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How to get from Taipei airport to the city centre?

Updated: May 12, 2023

How to get from Taipei Airport to the city centre?

This is possibly the first thing you'll worry about when reaching a particular destination. Thanks to Taipei's amazing transport system, it is relatively fuss-free to get from the airport to Taipei Main Station or Ximending.

If you're wondering how will you travel from the Taipei Airport to the City Centre, we hope that this guide will help you navigate that new city!

Which airport are you flying in from?

There are actually two airports in Taipei - the Taoyuan International Airport and the Songshan Airport. For most international travellers, you'll possibly arrive at Taoyuan Airport located in Taoyuan county, about 45 minutes away from Taipei's city centre.

This mid-size airport serves mostly the domestic travellers but travellers from South Korea, China, and Japan may also enter Taipei through Songshan Airport. Songshan Airport is actually located within Taipei City itself so it is much nearer than Taoyuan Airport.

Since Taoyuan International Airport is the larger one, let's cover that first!

How to get from Taoyuan International Airport to Taipei city centre?

By MRT Train

There are a variety of ways to get there but the fastest one is via the metro (MRT). Taipei's Taoyuan International Airport Access MRT System was established in 2017, granting visitors quick access from both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 to the City Centre.

There are TWO types of MRT trains from the airport, the express service (purple) and the commuter trains (blue). They essentially take the same route but the express service skips several stops along the way, taking you to Taipei Main Station in 35 minutes. To carry on and get to Ximending, transfer to the Bannan Line (blue) and take one stop to Ximen Station.

A one-way ticket from the airport costs NT160 and you can purchase it at the ticket counter or on Klook for some cost-savings, bundled with shopping coupons! We also do recommend getting the EasyCard (which is a tap-and-go card) alongside the airport metro ticket as you can use it for your transportation within Taipei.

By High Speed Rail (HSR)

Before the MRT train began operation, some would prefer to get to the city centre via Taipei's HSR. The problem is that the HSR station is not exactly at the airport and you'll have to take the U-bus (20-minute ride) to Taoyuan High-Speed Rail station and board the train to the Taipei HSR Station. The HSR ticket costs NT 160 but don't forget that you'll have to pay an additional NT 30 for the U-bus.

The U-bus may also be necessary also for those who are taking the HSR to Kaohsiung on their day of arrival.

By Bus

For those wanting to save some money, the bus from the airport is an option. It costs from upwards of NT 90 and here are the buses you should take to your destination.

to Taipei 101: CitiAir Bus No. 1960 (NT 145)

to Taipei Main Station: Bus 1961 or 1819 (You can purchase your round trip tickets here.)

However, if you're arriving past midnight, buses are an option since the airport MRT does not operate 24 hours. Bus 1819 runs 24 hours!

By Taxi

Taxi is not recommended unless you are carrying heavy luggages or if you are travelling past midnight. It costs about NT1000 to NT1200 to get to Taipei City Centre so it is not quite worth it. Alternatively, book a private transfer, which helps you save a little!

By Car

Some may want to rent a car and pick it up at the airport before driving to your destination. Although it is quite hectic to drive within Taipei city itself. Self-drive holidays to the outskirts is a popular option among travellers. However, with so many day tour operators that help you get to places like Yangmingshan for a day trip, you may no necessarily need a car to have a fulfilling holiday in Taipei.

How to get from Songshan Airport to Taipei city centre?

Getting from Songshan Airport to Taipei City Centre is much easier because it is located within the city!


To get to Taipei Main Station, take the Neihu Line (brown) and change to the Bannian Line (blue) at Zhong Xiao Fuxing Station. It'll take you around 15 minutes to reach. If you would like to get to Ximen, follow the same route and take one more stop. Though there are also buses, I wouldn't recommend that given the convenience of the MRTs!

By Taxis

Taxi fares will be slightly cheaper when travelling from Songshan Airport since it is not too far away. Especially when you are travelling in a group of four, the cost per pax may make sense for you to travel in style to your hotel! Taxi fares are about NT200.

Alternatively, you can also book a private transfer to your accommodation.

Where to stay in Taipei?

York Design Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan

We always liked staying in Ximending as that's where all the action is. It is also conveniently located and the MRT is a great help as it helps you to get around!

These are some hotels in Ximending that we've tried over the years:

If you would like a quieter and more affordable area, you may want to consider the Taipei Main Station area:

Settling the transport from the airport to your hotel is just the first step of your planning! Here are some of our guides on Taipei that you may find helpful:



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