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OLens Russian Velvet Upgrade - Russian Smoky Collection

OLens Coloured Contact Lens, Russian Smoky Collection

If you love the Russian Velvet collection, then you can’t miss out on trying the newest Russian Smoky collection from OLens! The Russian Smoky collection are coloured contact lenses that enlarges your eyes, giving you a chic look.

After trying the full Olens Scandi, Olens Spanish and O2 clear contact lens range, I didn’t think that there’ll be another range that I love more. While the Spanish range gives you a natural eye colour, and the Scandi a little stronger tinge, the Russian Smoky is the sexiest of the lot!

OLens Russian Smoky

This collection comes in three colours, Smoky Gray, Smoky Brown and Smoky Olive. These contact lens have an enlarging effect and is great for those with small eyes. With those with bigger eyes, these contacts really help to draw out your eyes and will bring you stylishly to clubs, parties, and fancy dinners.

Currently, they only come in daily contact lens and in a 10pcs pack. It costs $21USD a pop and OLens Global is also currently running a 20% discount for these lenses the last I checked. So it is definitely worth purchasing a few and bringing them out for parties when Covid-19 goes away!

Another thing to note is that all Russian Smoky lenses use the Puscon material which ensures that your eyes doesn’t feel dry even after wearing the contact lens for an entire day.

Russian Smoky Gray

Olens Russian Smoky Collection coloured contact lens

When I first opened these contact lens, I noticed that the graphic coloured portion of the lens are much larger than the regular Russian Velvet. 0.6mm to be exact.

What I really liked about the Smoky Gray lens is that it had a soft gray edge line with a slight tinge of blue blending towards the middle. So from certain angles in the sunlight, this pair of lens looked like a blue pair of contact lens. And because the edges of the coloured graphic was soft, it blends naturally into my dark Asian eyes.

Olens Russian Smoky Collection coloured contact lens

When I wore it out, I had curious questions from my friends asking whether I was actually wearing blue or gray contact lens - they couldn’t tell! This pair is great for chic office ladies who wish to head out after work!

Russian Smoky Brown

Olens Russian Smoky Collection coloured contact lens

The Russian Smoky Brown has a slightly softer look than the Smoky Gray. It was probably due to how the hazel colour blends naturally into your natural eye colour, together with the soft edge line. This pair of colour contacts is perfect for summer. It looks exceptionally alluring when in the sun as it reflects the light, giving a warm doe-eye look.

Olens Russian Smoky Collection coloured contact lens

Think innocent, playful, and cheerful? Then this is the colour to get. I was quite surprised by how the colour blends into my dark coloured eyes as when I opened the packaging, the patterns looked rather strong. But Olens indeed does the best coloured contacts for dark eyes as I really liked this pair!

Russian Smoky Olive

Olens Russian Smoky Collection coloured contact lens

The Russian Smoky Olive was the sexiest colour of the collection. Paired with a green or a black dinner dress, you‘ll definitely shine! With a full make up, the coloured lens will surely enhance your eye features.

Olens Russian Smoky Collection coloured contact lens

Again, the Russian Smoky range of coloured contacts look different in different type of lights. In bright sunlight, you’ll notice that the Olive colour pops and draws light in. But when in the night, the soft edge line blends with a deep olive shade, which make you look extremely sexy. Needless to say, this will be my choice of contacts when it is date night.

Olens Russian Smoky Collection coloured contact lens

If you take a closer look at the contacts, you‘ll see the effort put in by the good people of Olens To ensure your coloured contacts blend well into your eyes. I remember the first time I tried coloured contacts (not from Olens of course), it really looked like just a ring of colour around my eyes. The Russian Smoky Olive has a ring of brown shades that blends into your eyes. Perfect!

All in all, I loved all the three colours of the Russian Smoky range and am extremely excited to wear them out when I travel (soon, hopefully) or when I head out!

New to OLens? Enjoy a Sign Up Bonus!

If you're new to OLens will get a New member Sign Up Bonus where you'll get to save up to 15% your first order.

Besides that, don't miss out on this Welcome Kit (pictured above). Aside from the contact lens coming in a beautiful box, you'll get three pairs of 1 Day contact lenses for free! YES FREE! Olens Global usually provides other colours and other range of contacts for you to try!

For collection that has the monthly range, like Scandi and Spanish, you’ll also get to enjoy their BOGO - Buy One Get One free promotion.

Plus? Buy more to save more! Spend $100 USD and above to get free shipping and $150 USD above for free express shipping (3 days).

Even during the Coronavirus season where shipping worldwide has experienced delays, DHL Shipping took less than a week to reach me all the way from South Korea!

To see the full range of coloured and non-coloured contact lenses, head over to OLENS Global!

Disclaimer: I have been wearing OLens for over a year now. OLens have kindly sent me the Russian Smoky Collection to review. This post however is not sponsored and all thoughts and comments are my own.



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