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5D4N Hong Kong itinerary below $1000

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Hong Kong, Asia

Catch the next sale fare to Hong Kong! Hong Kong's one of our favourite destinations as every now and then, you'll be able to catch sale fares from Singapore Air or Cathay Pacific for around 200, if these sale fares aren't available, Scoot and Jetstar also has round trip airfares to Hong Kong for about 250 SGD. From Hong Kong, you can also fly with Hong Kong Express to Japan, Vietnam, Korea, and Thailand.

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With that price, it is great as a long weekend getaway to get some shopping, eating, sightseeing, or even hiking done! Here, we'll share our itinerary for a 5D4N trip to Hong Kong (with alternatives)!

Day 1: (hotel - Food hunt - Central to Mid-Level Escalators - Victoria's Peak)

Since we tend to try to make the full use of our time, we like to travel on red-eye flights and landing in Hong Kong in the early mornings or late at night. Another way is to coincide your arrival around noon where the hotel check-ins open and you'll be able to get into your rooms and freshen up for the day!

On our first day, we often keep it light because it is the day where we have to get a lot of our admin done (transfers, check in, get data, transport options, etc). So the first stop is to get to our accommodation! We love the Kowloon side of Hong Kong as it is more "budget-friendly".

There are two hotels that we have stayed in and enjoyed during our past visits to Hong Kong and would definitely recommend them!

Dorsett Mongkok, Hong Kong

This accommodation requires a longer walk from the closest MTR station - Olympia Station. However, it is relatively bigger than most rooms in Hong Kong, modern, and more luxurious than others in the same price range (about $91 SGD per night).

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Silka Seaview Hotel

This property requires a shorter walk to the nearest MTR - Yau Ma Tei Station and there are a plethora of eateries around it. It is located right next to Mido Cafe, the oldest Cafe in Hong Kong. The only downside is that the rooms are quite small, and nothing much to shout about. But for the location, yes yes and yes! (about $89 SGD per night)

After checking in, it is time to grab some food! If you choose to stay at Silka Seaview, Mido Cafe is right next door! :) Otherwise, there's the famous Australian Diary Co. is a 5-minute walk away!

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Shopping in Hong Kong Local Markets

Even though Hong Kong is famed for its luxurious malls, step out of your comfort zones and head over to their local markets! Even if you don't buy anything, it is still an interesting sight!

Kowloon to Hong Kong Island

Thereafter, we'll usually head to the further regions to explore first, leaving the closest to the last as in that way, if we have a few hours to spare, we can always head nearby for some last minute shopping! So its time to go to the Hong Kong Island side! Besides the many luxury shopping malls at the Hong Kong Island, some must-see attractions are the Central-Mid Level Escalators, Victoria Harbour, Avenue of Stars, and Victoria's Peak!

Central to Mid-Level Escalators

Found in Central, Hong Kong, the Central to Mid-Level Escalator is the world's longest outdoor covered escalator system. It was built to help locals to get from the street-level (Queen's Road Central) to the mid-levels (Conduit Road). The escalator is not just one long escalator, it is in fact, a series of 20 escalators with 3 travellators that are connected by foot bridges. To get from start to end, you'll take around 20 to 25 minutes! Besides taking a joy ride up the escalator, explore the areas near the escalator as many quirky cafes and souvenirs stores have popped up over the years!

After ride up, should you want to get down, you'll actually have to walk down! But, there's still Minibus Number 3 on Conduit Road (about 20 metres from the end of the escalator) that will take you down to IFC mall.

Victoria's Peak

There are various ways to head up to Victoria's Peak but taking the Peak Tram is by itself, and interesting experience for those who have yet to try funiculars. At the top, you'll be able to get a great view of Hong Kong's skyline and dine at some of the finest restaurants with great views! The Madame Tussads Wax Museum is also located at the Peak.

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Day 2 (Day Trip out of Hong Kong to Macau - Victoria Harbour)

Day Trip from Hong Kong to Macau

Besides the attractions within Hong Kong, many travellers to Hong Kong also take day trips out to nearby Macau. Macau is a great destination for history and culture buffs as you'll get to admire the post-colonial architecture that would transport you to Europe (particularly Portugal).

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Victoria Harbour

After the entire day of exploring Macau, you may want to catch the light show at Victoria Harbour! It runs daily, with the exception of days with bad weather.

An alternative to Macau? Visit Shenzhen!

For those who have already been in Macau and don't wish to repeat the same destination, you may want to consider another day trip from Hong Kong to Shenzhen! There you'll find more affordable and varied shopping options!

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Day 3 (Hiking and Exploring Cheng Chau Island - Night Markets)

Cheng Chau Island

After visiting all the cityscapes, it is time to get out of the city! Head to Cheng Chau Island to catch a breather, take in fresh air, and basically just explore!

Cheng Chau Island is still relatively unexplored by many travellers. Most people think of Hong Kong as the bustling metropolis, not exactly a beach or island adventure. But there's a lot to explore! Being in a densely populated area for holiday can sometimes feel slightly suffocating... Instead of being amidst the crowd, take a 40-minute ferry to Cheng Chau Island. From Hong Kong Island's Central Pier, take the ferry easily with your Octopus Card. By fast ferry, it costs around HK$28 to HK$38 (S$4.80 to S$6.60). Otherwise, visit in luxury by taking the AquaLuna Traditional Junk Boat Cruise.

When you're there, you can basically just walk around the village, or rent a bicycle to cycle at the side of the promenade. Some of the attractions include:

Tung Wan Beach

Tung Wan Beach, Cheng Chau Island, Hong Kong

Mini Great Wall

Mini Great Wall, Cheng Chau Island, Hong Kong

You can find many hiking trails in Cheung Chau Island. Most of these trails are well-suited for beginners as they involve slight inclines and are basically a walk along the coast. One of the more challenging one is the "Mini Great Wall".

Cheung Po Tsai Cave and The Reclining Rock

Cheung Po Tsai Cave and The Reclining Rock, Cheng Chau Island, Hong Kong

The Cheung Po Tsai Cave was the hideout for olden day pirates to store their stolen stash. The character played by Chow Yun-fat in the ever popular The Pirates of the Caribbean: At the World's End, and the setting in which it was shot is actually inspired by the Cheung Po Tsai Cave.

Even though there isn't any more treasure to be found in the cave, it is still interesting to explore the winding passages in the Cave and imagining yourselves as a pirate! A torch is definitely required should you want to visit the cave!

Near the cave, you'll also find the Reclining Rock. If you look closely, you'll see five eroded rocks. The biggest rock then perpetually looks like it is about to fall off the cliff, hence its name as the Reclining Rock.

For Cheung Chau Island, you can pretty much do-it-yourselves. Should you want to have a more guided experience, consider joining a guided tour.

Temple Street Night Market