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OLens New Blackpink Choices!

Check out the latest BlackPink collection over at OLens Global!

I love the vivid yet natural colours of OLens contact lens and they are pretty much the only lens that I wear nowadays! I’ve reviewed the Blackpink Scandi range, the Russian Smoky, the Spanish real, and the non-coloured clear contact lens. I’m here for another review of not just my favourites but Blackpink‘s new favourites. Read on to find out more!

About Olens

OLens Global, headquartered in South Korea, is the first contact lens specialty brand worldwide and has been growing as the leading contact lenses brand. Given that they have worked with Blackpink, a worldwide K-pop girl group sensation, beautifying their eyes and making their eyes pop on stage and on shoots, you can see how successful OLens is!

Why OLens?

Contact lens wearers would know how important it is for your contacts to have a high oxygen permeability and water content so that your eyes can "breathe" and that it feels comfortable even after a whole day of wearing. That was something that was extremely important for me.

Did you know? OLens' one-day contacts are manufactured with Puscon, a material they engineered for sensitive eyes. Their monthly contacts contains Hema with 40% water content. You can be assured of comfortable wearing experience with these contact lens.

Blackpink Lisa’s favourite - Spanish Gray

As compared to the Scandi collection which has two gray tones, the Spanish collection's gray is slightly closer to the Gray tone in Scandi. The Spanish Real Gray uses a little bit of yellow in the middle to draw the iris out while Scandi Gray includes a little bit of gold colour. The result? A natural looking iris with the Spanish Gray, making it great for everyday wear. It gives your eyes a breath of new life with a new colour as compared to the usual Black and Dark Brown Asian Eyes. These contacts would bring you from business meetings to social dinners easily!

The Spanish Gray comes in both daily and monthly contacts and to be specific, Lisa loves the 1 day circle lens made of breathable Puscon material, with a G.Dia of 13.3mm. The 10 pcs box goes at $21 and the 20pc at $34.

Blackpink Jennie’s favourite - Scandi Gray

There’s just something alluring about gray eyes. It also makes me look chic and makes me look like I've done quite a bit of making up even though I may not have done much to my face. Especially when everyone's wearing face masks now, I find that the Scandi Gray pairs well with my black mask, together with my naturally black hair and brows. Even though it is called Gray, the pigmentation is still light and there are no unnatural edge lines thanks to the blendable pattern of the lens.

As compared to the Spanish, I feel that this pair is a little more dramatic, perfect for night outs and date nights!

Similar to the Spanish Gray, Scandi Gray comes in both daily and monthly contacts and Jennie loves the 1 day Gray lens made of breathable Puscon material, with a G.Dia of 11.9mm. The 20 pcs box goes at $34.

Blackpink Rose’s favourite - Scandi Olive

I simply love the Scandi Olive. It is my favourite lens if I’m looking for something a little more special! Initially, I thought that Olive, like green, will be an extremely strong colour for my eyes and especially if I don't put on extravagant make-up! But it does actually blend really well with my dark Asian eyes!

The Olive colour was also not strong at all! In fact, it gave a nice olive hue to my eyes and looked even better in the sun.

Scandi Olive comes in both daily and monthly contacts the 1 day Olive lens is made of breathable Puscon material, with a G.Dia of 11.9mm. I would recommend the 1 day lens for this as you wouldn’t want to keep these for special days! The 10pcs box goes at $21.

Blackpink Jisoo’s favourite - Vivi Ring Brown

The Vivi Ring Brown is one that I didn’t commit to a full box of previously and girl, was I glad to finally try it.

I liked that there is a dark ring on the outside before having an inner lighter pattern towards the interior of the lens. This design truly enlarges your pupils, making it look bigger than it actually is. The patterns also blend well with one another, true to OLens contact lenses and makes it look really natural and romantic. Looking for a fun, floral print dress-up day? Then this is the one you should be looking out for.

The Viviring 1 day brown is made of Puscon and has a G.Dia of 13.0mm. It comes in daily contacts in 10pcs and 20pcs.

First-Timer to OLens Global?

If you're new to OLens will get a New member Sign Up Bonus where you'll get to save up to 15% your first order. Besides that, don't miss out on this Welcome Kit (pictured above). Aside from coming in a beautiful box, you'll get three pairs of 1 Day contact lenses for free! They'll usually provide other colours and other range of contacts for you to try.

Why OLens? Other than OLens, during my hunt for contact lenses, I also found some of their competitors like Solotica and TTDEYE but ended up choosing OLens because they are priced cheaper and their worldwide shipping is fast! DHL Shipping took about a week to reach me all the way from South Korea! If you have friends who would love to try coloured contacts, all the better. Spend $100 and above to get free shipping and $150 above for free express shipping (3 days). To see the full range of coloured and non-coloured contact lenses, head over to OLENS Global!



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