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All you need to know about Nami Island, South Korea

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Nami Island, South Korea

Nami Island is situated about 2 hours away from Seoul.

How to get to Nami Island?

The fastest way to get to Nami Island is to take the ITX Cheongchun Line (from Yongsan or Cheongyangni in Seoul) to Gapyeong Station. It is better to book your tickets online as the ITX Cheongchun trains are extremely popular among tourists who wish to head to Nami Island. From Gapyeong station, you can then either take the Gapyeong Tour Bus, or take a taxi to the Nami Island Pier.

Here's a step by step guide on purchasing tickets online and heading to Nami Island:

1. Head to the KORAIL Booking Website -

How to book tickets on the ITX Cheongchun Line?

At the booking page, key in your:

Travel Category: Normal Type

Travel Type: Direct

Departure Time: Select your date and the timing (+/- 2 hours)

Departure Station: Yongsan / Cheongyangni

Arrival Station: Gapyeong

Train: Select ITX-Cheongchun

Passengers: Select number of passengers you are purchasing tickets for

On the next page, select the time of departure that you would like, and pay for the tickets.

2. On the day of your departure, head over to the ticket counter to exchange your printouts to the actual tickets!

3. Head to your reserved seat on the ITX-Cheongchun Station and enjoy your train ride

4. At Gapyeong Station:

You can either take a taxi to Nami Pier(if you are there just for the island) or take the Gapyeong Tour Bus (also heads to Garden of Morning Calm and Petit France)

Otherwise, consider taking a round-trip bus from Myeongdong or Insadong which includes the Nami Island entrance ticket from

How to get to Nami Island from the Nami Pier?

There are basically two ways to get to Nami Island. The usual way, or the adventurous way!

We chose the adventurous SKYLINE ZIPWIRE to get to Nami Island. We were fortunate to get tickets for the next zipline that was 30 minutes later. All we did was to grab a bite at the nearby stores and it was our turn! (We heard that you usually have to wait for quite a while to get not the zipwire!)

The SKYLINE ZIPWIRE is one of the longest over-water zipline that brings you to Nami Island under 2 minutes. There are actually two routes of the Skyline Zipwire, one that goes to another smaller island off Nami island and you'll have to take a ferry back to Nami Island. This route is supposedly more exciting than the "family-friendly" Zipline to head to Nami Island. We didn't have much time and decided to just take the Zipwire to Nami Island

The other way is to take the Nami Ferry. It is only a short 10 minutes ride to the island.

Purchase tickets from the ticket counter where you'll get an "entry visa" and have to pass through "immigration" to enter the Republic of Nami.

What to do in Nami Island?

Nami Island basically is an island where you can get to all the various sites via walking. Of which, the popular sites are the Winter Sonata filming sites.

You can also choose to cover the vast expanse of Nami Island faster with a bike! We decided to try out the electric bicycles and managed to complete half the island in 30 minutes!

Nami Island on electric bikes

There are also plenty of photo spots that you can take pictures of your #ootd. Since we went during fall, we also managed to get many pretty photographs of the autumn leaves!

Nami Island, South Korea

What else to do near Nami Island?

Since Nami Island is a long way from Seoul, you may also want to visit Petite France and the Garden of Morning Calm that is about 20 minutes by bus from Nami Island Pier. Do note, however, that the bus heading to these locations are extremely crowded so do prepare to queue and even wait for the next bus!

We hope your visit to Nami Island's a good one. Share with us what else did you manage to do there?


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