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8 top places to see Autumn Foliage in Seoul, South Korea

Updated: May 18, 2022

8 top places to see Autumn Foliage in Seoul, South Korea

Miss the Cherry Blossoms Season this year? Fret not, the next best time to visit Seoul, South Korea could very well be in the fall - where the leaves turn to a sea of red, orange, and yellow...

During this period of time, the weather turns cool, so grab on a jacket and head on over to these 8 top locations to experience the autumn foliage!

1. EWHA Women's University

8 top places to see Autumn Foliage in Seoul, South Korea

You don't necessarily have to hike up a mountain to view the beautiful colours of fall. You'll get an amazing view of the red, orange, and yellow hues right outside EWHA Women's University.

Entering the university grounds is free so you can pretty much venture around the outdoor areas, finding the best spot for your photographs!

2. Nami Island

8 top places to see Autumn Foliage in Seoul, South Korea

Located 2 hours away from Seoul City Centre, Nami Island provides a great getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. Though it is slightly troublesome to get there by public transport, there are now comfy shuttle buses that you can ride to get there.

At Nami Island, not only do you get to enjoy playing in the thick fallen leaves, you'll also get to enjoy a range of activities such as the Skyline Zipwire and cycling on electric bicycles.

3. Namsan Park and N Seoul Tower

8 top places to see Autumn Foliage in Seoul, South Korea

For those who are looking to clock in a workout during your holiday, you may wish to hike up Namsan. Though there are easier ways to get there, hiking up is the best way to view the beautiful autumn foliage. The stroll up is also a popular romantic date activity for many South Koreans, and is a must-visit to view the juxtaposition of nature and the man-made tower!

Views from the top of the N Tower, especially when the autumn foliage is at its fullest, is breath-taking!

4. Korean Palaces

There are just so many palaces to cover in Seoul. If you are there for the first time, definitely head to Gyeongbukgong. It is the largest and most beautiful palaces out of the other palaces in Seoul (Changdeokgung Palace, Changgyeonggung Palace, Deoksugung Palace, and Gyeongbokgung Palace). During autumn, the palace grounds are transformed and the gardens become an amazing place to stroll and experience the orange and yellow hues against the beautiful Korean architecture!

You may even want to rent a hanbok as the colourful traditional Korean dress allows you to get into the palace grounds for free, plus it is a great #ootd against the fall colours! While you are there, you may even want to hunt for the reddest tree (most of the time, there's also a crowd waiting to get their photos!).

5. Gyeongui Line Forest Park

8 top places to see Autumn Foliage in Seoul, South Korea

The Gyeongui Line Forest Park is similar to New York's high line where a old railroad is repurposed as a park for locals and travellers. This forest park is still relatively unknown to many but it is definitely an upcoming attraction! Especially during fall, where the weather is nice and the leaves are starting to display pretty colours, it is definitely a great place for dates!

Once you are done viewing the autumn colours, you can always pop into any of the cafes near the park for a cup of coffee!

6. Ride a Rail Bike!

8 top places to see Autumn Foliage in Seoul, South Korea

Who needs to ride a regular bicycle when you can ride a on the rail bike? The Gangchon Rail Bike Park is essentially a repurposed old rail road where you can ride on the railway tracks on a cute little pram, taking in views of the countryside.

Since Gangchon is slightly further, you may also wish to visit the Gapyeong Rail Bike Park that can be paired with your trip to Nami Island!

7. Garden of Morning Calm

As one of the largest botanical gardens located slightly out of Seoul, the Garden of Morning Calm is home to over 5,000 plant species. The fresh breeze and large variety of trees also make it a pleasing scene to enjoy the fall colours. You'll see numerous types of plants with all shapes and sizes, turning yellow, orange and red! When you are there, try to find the exact locations where popular Korea dramas are filmed!

8. Everland

8 top places to see Autumn Foliage in Seoul, South Korea

Who says admiring nature should be boring? Adventurous travellers can still take in the autumn colours while having fun! Everland is a theme park for thrill seekers! They house the longest wooden rollercoaster and is a huge park that also has a variety of rides for the family. When you are there, head up the ferris wheel to watch the autumn foliage amongst the thrill rides!

To get there, you can purchase a shuttle alongside admission tickets or read our blog post for a step-by-step guide on how to get there!

With these 8 top spots to marvel at the autumn foliage, when is the best season to go? Skyscanner has come up with helpful guides plus travel deals for Autumn 2019, so what are you waiting for! Head over to book your next flight out!

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