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How to get to Everland, Seoul, South Korea?

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Everland is a theme park for thrill seekers! They house the longest wooden rollercoaster and is a huge park that also has a variety of rides for the family.

How to get to Everland?

It is much trickier to get to Everland as compared to Lotte World! If you were to take the subway, you'll need to change several trains before arriving at Everland. The other fuss-free way is to take the bus to Everland!

From Gangnam Station Line 2, head to take bus 5002 located 300m from exit 10. It will take you about an hour to the Everland Parking Lot which you will have to change for a free shuttle to the park! For added convenience, you may choose to purchase a full day tour to Everland with Klook for only $63.90sgd. This bus leaves from various locations in Seoul and also takes about an hour to reach Everland. The advantage of taking this shuttle is that you may be able to catch the bus close to your hotel instead of heading to Gangnam. Do note, however, that the fee for this is much more expensive than the public bus 5002.

Admission tickets for Everland

The admission fee for Everland costs 54,000 won. You can purchase it at the door or buy it online on the Everland website, or on Klook.

What to eat in Everland?

In most theme parks, one would often have fast food or western food. But in Everland, you can get Korean Chinese food and Korean snacks! :)

A must-see is also the Safari Ride where you get to see lions, tigers, and the brown bears up close! Well, there's so much we can tell but it simply isn't the same as if you were there on your own! So if you visit Everland, do share with us your experiences!

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