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Olens Halloween - Vampire Red and Silver

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Halloween's coming! Many of you may be looking for outfit ideas but don't forget about dressing up your eyes. To get that full look, grab Olens Halloween specials - the Vampire Red and Vampire Silver coloured contact lens!

Vampire Silver

The vampire silver contact lens with its highly saturated gray colour will transform your eyes to look like that of the snowy vampire eyes like #midnightmass! The patterns start from a nice light yellow around your iris, spreading out into a white pigment and then a gray pigment. The black edge line with a professional 3D pigmentation creates subtle eyes and makes your eyes stand out!

Vampire Red

The Vampire Red looks intense when I first open the packaging. And it truly is. It is highly pigmented with a fun graphic design. Perfect for looking like you have blood shot eyes!

The big size G.DIA of 13.5mm really intensifies and enlarges your eyes, giving you that added dramatic look. The red colour also isn't in just 1 shade of red. Instead, they blend some light reds with dark reds, creating that bloody look!

I tried both Vampire Red and Silver on both sides to look at the contrast and wow, you can really see the difference here!

Though both are honestly occasion wear contact lens, they are comfortable and great for your halloween dress up!

The Prices?

For both Vampire Silver and Vampire Red, they come in monthly contact lens. 1 pair costs $24 USD and you'll get another pair for FREE!

Halloween Promotion!

OLens is also currently having an Olens promotion whereby if you purchase above $100, you'll get free tattoo stickers and get to try these halloween vampire range for FREE! Promotion is till 31 October 2021 and whilst stocks last. So if you're looking to purchase some coloured contacts and still want some fancy halloween options, now's the time!

DHL worldwide shipping takes about 3 - 5 days to reach me all the way from South Korea!

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Additional Bonus for new Olens shoppers!

New OLens shopper can get a New member Sign Up Bonus where you'll get to save up to 15% your first order. Besides that, don't miss out on a Welcome Kit. You'll get three pairs of 1 Day contact lenses for free!

Share shipping with your friends!

Know of a friend who would love to try olens contact lens? Share the shipping with your friends. Spend $100 and above to get free shipping and $150 above for free express shipping (3 days). To see the full range of coloured and non-coloured contact lenses, head over to OLENS Global!



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